Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration and Conversations enables users to write comments and annotations into visualizations, reports and dashboards by starting new threads with one or more users in the system.

NOTE: this feature is available in the Enterprise Edition only.

  • Enable Social Collaboration: By default, collaboration is not enabled. Check the box to enable social collaboration and conversations.
  • Enable Collaboration Snapshots: By default, collaboration snapshots are disabled. Check the box to enable snapshots. Collaboration snapshots enable users to store query results and the underlying report structures at the time a conversation is started. Conversation participants can then load the snapshots back to view the exact query results and/ or structure at the time the original comments were submitted. Click here to learn more about snapshots.
  • Polling Interval: The Polling Interval is the frequency at which clients are updated with changes in the conversation threads. By default, this is set at 60 seconds. Setting the polling rate too low can have a negative impact on performance.