Encryption and FIPS

The encryption options in the installer allow administrators to encrypt the connection to the database repository. The FIPS option (in BETA), ensures that the platform operates with FIPS compliant encryption libraries.

Encryption Certificate Uploads

If you decide to have an encrypted connection to the repository, check the box and then upload a ZIP file with relevant public certificates. You need to add one or more such certificates to the zip file for the operation to succeed.


FIPS standards are either recommended or mandated for use in federal government-operated IT systems in the United States and Canada. They ensure that the encryption libraries used meet the standards set by governmental bodies.

Checking the FIPS box enables these libraries in Pyramid. However, making the platform FIPS compliant involved numerous other aspects, ranging from the host operating systems, to the data stores and the SSO identity management framework.

If you are unsure about FIPS, do NOT enable this feature.

  • For a detailed explanation of FIPS and information on how to configure the Pyramid Platform for FIPS, please consult the FIPS Compliance guide.