Application Installer Overview

The application installer covers all related details for installing the core Pyramid application.

New Installations

System Requirements & Minimum Hardware Recommendations

Pyramid is designed for server deployments. Please see the following recommended hardware and software requirements before attempting to install the application.

Quick Installation Guides

The following light overview of the installation steps for deploying to Windows or Linux

Detailed Step instructions

Click here to see detailed guidance and instructions for each step in the advanced installer sequence.

Other Installation topics

  • Upgrade Installations: Upgrade installations perform different steps. Please see upgrades for more.
  • Unattended Installations: Run installations unattended using command line and setting files without a UI.
  • Recoveries: In the event of system failure, or if an upgrade has failed, follow these steps to recover your system.
  • Uninstalls: Click here for details on how to uninstall all Pyramid applications.
  • Kubernetes: Click here for specific instructions on deploying a containerized Linux version using Kubernetes.