Repository Backups

As a general rule, it is highly recommended to backup the database repository on a regular basis (typically nightly). If a server hosting Pyramid becomes unrecoverable, Pyramid can be restored using a backup of a working repository.

Before upgrading Pyramid, it is also recommended to backup the repository first, before applying the upgrade.

NOTICE: This explanation is provided as a guide only.

Backing up a PostgreSQL Database

The best technique to backup a PostgreSQL database is via pg_dump.exe utility installed with PostgreSQL. The following example Windows command should be run to perform the backup. Similar commands can be used in Linux.

To use it, you will need to supply these variables (see here for potential values)

  • installdir = where Pyramid was installed
  • username = name running Pyramid
  • servername = host machine name
  • port = port that PostgreSQL is running on
  • destination=directory for saving the dump
  • databasename = Pyramid repository database name

[installdir]\postgres\pgsql\bin\pg_dump.exe" -U [username] -h [servername] -p [port] -F t -f "[destination]}\DbBackup.tar" [databaseame]

Backing up MS SQL or Oracle Databases

Both Oracle and MS SQL have their own in-built, point and click database backup capabilities found in their management tools.