Client Desktop

The Windows Client Desktop installer is designed to install a standalone desktop client application only for viewing and consuming Pyramid. It does NOT include the main application server components.

The Windows Desktop client is useful for end users who:

  • Prefer to use a quick entry into Pyramid without the inconvenience of a browser
  • Do not have access to a fully compliant HTML5 browser

The client itself does not require a license. However, when connecting to the server, each user needs a named user license.


The installer will require elevated privileges on the target machine.

  • First select an installation location on the host machine
  • Click Next to complete the installation.
  • At the end, you can elect to launch the client immediately or use the desktop icon to start the application.

Initial Login

On initial load up, you will be prompted to enter 3 values:

  • First is the URL of the site hosting Pyramid. Be sure to designate HTTP to HTTPS as appropriate
  • Next, supply your user name and then your password.