Metadata Panel

The actions panel opens by default to the Metadata panel for a selected content item in the content manager.The Metadata panel houses information about the content item in a convenient vertical pane format. When opened, users can see:

  • The item's Thumbnail Snapshot (orange arrow) - which makes it easier to remember what type of content it contains
  • Slide thumbnails (purple arrow) - these are specific slide snapshots for Present dashboards only
  • The content item's name and type (green arrow)
  • General metadata on the item (green box)
    • Its folder location
    • Created details (by whom and when)
    • Last Modified details (by whom and when)
    • Its description as set when saved or changed. This also includes an option to edit the description (blue arrow)
  • Usage Profile - this chart only shows up when reviewing an items lineage. It shows usage of the item over its life.