Migration Wizard

The Migration Wizard is a content tool that enables Domain and Enterprise Admins to copy ("migrate") content items and folders from one Pyramid instance to another. It effectively offers a UI driven wizard in place of manually exporting and importing operations or using the export / import API functions.

For example, you may have a test environment and a production environment and need to copy the tested content and structures to the final production instance.

The wizard allows you to select multiple content items, related content items, and content folders to another Pyramid environment. It is able to migrate single content items, a collection of items and entire folder of items.

The Migration Wizard is only available in the Enterprise Edition

Important: content migration is available for Domain and Enterprise Administrators only.

Using the Migration Wizard

In order to migrate content to another instance, the target instance must first be set from the Admin console. Once set, the Migration Wizard can be accessed from:

Once items are selected and the wizard is triggered, the tool set will appear on the right of the screen. The selected items (yellow arrows), and their related content items (see below for details) will be listed under "Selected Items".

Migration Options

Migrate Related Content

By default, the content items related to the selected item(s) will also be migrated. For instance, if you select a presentation, all the discover reports within the presentation will also be migrated, along with any custom logic that was used to build those discoveries.

In some circumstances you may not want to migrate related content items. For example, you may be migrating a discover item that was built using a custom formula. But you've already migrated that item to the destination instance so you choose to deselect the 'Migrate related content' option (red highlight above).

Maintain Folder Structure

If you are migrating a folder or a selection of items that contain folders, you can enable the 'Maintain folder structure' option (green highlight above) to maintain the structure of sub-folders within the selected folder on the target instance. Related content from other tree branches will be imported to the root of the target instance.

If this switch is not enabled, the content will appear as a single flat list of items when re-imported into the target folder destination.

Target Instance

Use the drop-down under 'Migrate To' to select the target Pyramid instance that will be used for the migration. The list of Pyramid instances need to be preconfigured as a migration destination in the Admin console and may be secured by tenant.

Select Destination Folder Location

Once you've selected the destination instance, the content folder tree on that instance will appear (red highlight below). Find and select the folder location to which you want to migrate your content items, then click the green Apply button.

The folder structured presented matches the structures of the user account that was used in configuring the migration destination - not the user performing the migration.

The process may take a few minutes to complete, especially of the payload of items is large or deep.