App Toolbox

App Toolbox is the main operational point for accessing each part of the application from the Home page. It appears in the bottom left hand side of the screen (for LTR languages).

  • Apps: (teal box above) the launch mechanism to open one of the apps: Model, Discover, Formulate, Present, Publish and Illustrate
  • Content Management System (CMS): (orange arrow) the launch mechanism to open the full content system
  • Admin Console: (red arrow) the launch mechanism to open the admin console for administrators
  • Home: (green arrow) takes the user back to the home page

App Tabs: Open Apps

Once apps are open, the application switches to the "App Tab" interface. If the user switches back to the to the home page (green arrow above), to the content manager or admin console, they can switch back to the currently opened apps in App Tab mode by clicking the tab button (blue arrow below).

This button will not appear until content is opened.