Content Scheduling

Scheduling is used throughout Pyramid as a means of automating the rendering and distribution of certain types of content. Scheduling is used in four main areas:

Where is Scheduling Configured?

There are a few points where scheduling may be configured or edited.

  • In-App: scheduling can be configured or edited from within the relevant app.
  • Content Manager: schedules be configured and edited from the content item's Actions Panel in the Content Manager.
  • Admin: schedules can be edited from the Schedules Manager in the Admin console.
  • Click here to learn about setting the schedule.

How is Scheduled Output Shared?

When configuring a publication, alert, or subscription schedule, you can choose the output to which the content will be exported, and then determine to whom that output will be distributed.

Scheduled output can be distributed to:

  • Bulletin Board: distribute to a list of Pyramid users or roles via the Pyramid Bulletin Board. Users can then download the output from the Bulletin Board, and go to its location in the content manager (assuming they have permissions to do so).
  • Email: distribute a templated message to a list of email addresses. You can add the output as an attachment if you have the Report Bursting license. If not, you can provide a link to the content in Pyramid.
  • Phone: distribute templated alert and subscription messages to a list of user via SMS.
  • Channel: distribute publication, alert, and subscription output to a channel Webhook.
  • Click here to learn about scheduled distribution.