Managing Conversations

Conversations can be opened from within Discover, Present, and from the Conversations Feed. Conversations are applied to the asset itself. This means that a conversation created in Discover is also accessible from Present (and vice versa). If a conversation is started in Discover and the asset then added to a presentation, the conversation will be accessible from both Discover and Present. If a global cell level conversation is started in Present, it will be accessible everywhere that cell appears (in any visual containing that cell) in both Discover and Present.

This topic covers how to open and manage conversations from Discover. To learn about managing conversations from Present, click here.

Open a Member or Cell Level Conversation

Start by enabling conversations from the Home ribbon. When a conversation is added at the member or cell level, a highlight will appear over the given member or cell in a grid. In a chart, the highlight will appear in the tooltip.

There are two ways to open the conversation:

  • Right click on the cell or member, and select Show Conversations from the context menu. The conversation will open in the Conversations panel.
  • Open the Conversations Panel (by clicking Conversations in the Home ribbon) and filter by global or report specific conversations. A list of conversations based on any member or cell in the visual will open. Click the relevant conversation to open it.

Conversations Panel

In Discover, enable Conversations from the Home ribbon to open the Conversations panel. From the Conversations panel you can start a new conversation, or open an existing conversation. The Conversations panel displays your conversations for the current data discovery. You can open report level, member level, and cell level conversations from the Conversations panel.

To find and open conversations:

  • Filter by Global Conversations or Discovery Specific Conversations (Present specific conversations are included when filtering by Discover specific conversations)
  • Click Refresh to update your list of conversations
  • Click on a conversation to open it

The conversation level is denoted by the conversation's icon:

Report level conversation

Member level conversation

Cell level conversation

The conversations are color-coded according to conversation type:

  • Discover-specific conversations are displayed with a green bar
  • Global conversations are displayed with a yellow bar

Leave a Conversation

Once you've opened a conversation, you can remove yourself as a participant from that conversation. To do this, click the context menu (three ellipses) and select Leave Conversation.

Conversations Feed

Open the Bulletin Board and then go to the Conversations Feed, where you can access all your conversations.