Cartesian Charts

Aside from the common formatting options, there are several formatting capabilities that are specific to Cartesian charts. These functions afford users a lot of control over the design of Cartesian charts, and enable optimization of the chart according to the user's preferences.


Background Color: change the color of the report background, without affecting the chart background.


  • Chart Padding: add padding to the chart by defining a percentage or fixed value.
    • Category Padding: add padding between categories in the chart.
    • Series Padding: add padding between each data series in the chart.
  • Scale to Fit: scale the chart to fit onto the canvas - this is useful when working with trellised charts.
  • Opacity: adjust the opacity of the chart segments.
  • Optimize Visual: the visual optimization engine in Pyramid is a heuristic that automatically redacts certain parts of a graphical visualization based on the amount of space provided.