Specific Visual Design Options

Many formatting and design capabilities are specific to certain visualizations only. To learn about formatting and designing each type of visualization, review the subtopics below:

  • Grids: learn about general grid formatting, and extended grid formatting for advanced users.
  • Cartesian Charts: includes all charts under the column, bar, line, and area chart menus.
  • Segment Charts: formatting for pie, doughnut, pyramid, and funnel charts.
  • Plotted Charts: formatting for scatter and bubble charts.
  • Gauges: design and formatting for KPI gauges.
  • Maps: bubble, shape, and geo heat maps.
  • Advanced Charts: formatting and design for tree map, circle packing, Sankey, word cloud, sunburst, and icicle charts.
  • Custom Visuals:formatting and design for custom build visualizations.
  • Raw Results: formatting for the "raw result" tabular grid.