Pivoting allows the user to auto-switch around the positions of hierarchy or value chips in two drop zones. In effect, it's an attempt to pivot the visual logically, potentially showing the data in a more interesting way or highlighting relationships in the data and seeing them in a different light. More simplistically, Pivoting allows the user to make better use of screen real-estate, potentially laying out the visual in a more efficient manner by moving certain elements around.

Using the Pivot Operation

Pivoting is accessible through the right click content menu as well as through the buttons on the Discover home and query ribbons. There is no dialog for the effect, so they are all identical in function and purpose.

Home Ribbon:

Query Ribbon:

Context Menu:

Pivot Behaviors

The Pivot function changes its behavior depending on the visual being used.

Note: There is no logical way of pivoting data in a mapping visual - so the feature is disabled.