Use grids to display the given hierarchies, member elements, and measures in a table format. There are two grid types to choose from:

Matrix grids display hierarchies and measures as columns and rows, and are highly customizable. Tabular grids display hierarchies and measures and columns; they are similar in appearance to raw data grids, but like matrix grids they can be customized and formatted.



How to Build Grids

A grid must contain at least one member hierarchy from the dimensions panel, and at least one measure from the measures panel. To build a matrix grid, place the required member hierarchies in the Columns or Rows drop zones. The member elements of the given hierarchies will be displayed as the column and/ or row headers. Add the required measures to the Values zone, and then place the Values chip either on columns or rows.

To build a tabular grid, add all required member hierarchies and measures to the Columns zone; each chip will be displayed as a column in the table, with the column cells containing the member elements and data.