The Discover Pro workspace features a number of panels that are integral to building and editing queries. It's important to become familiar with each of these panels in order to work effectively in Discover Pro.

The following main panels are available in Discover:

  • Drop Zones: Used to construct queries, by placing the required hierarchies and elements in the relevant drop zones.
  • Metadata Trees
    • Dimensions: Consists of the data model's dimensions, which contain the model's hierarchies.
    • Elements: A hierarchy's elements tree may be opened to add only specified elements to the query, rather than the entire hierarchy.
    • Measures: The measures in the data model are organized into folders in the Measures tree.
  • Visualizations: The visualization menus and toolbox offers a large selection of core data visualizations to choose from.
  • Existing Content Tree: Used to open existing data discoveries in a new tab.
  • Formatting Panel: Used to set formatting preferences for visualizations, legends, and slicers.
  • Smart Insights Panel (not shown): Displays Smart Insight information. Smart Insights perform an AI-automated analysis of a given query and generate some output that is returned in natural language.

Other mini panels in Discover exist to show other information:

  • Metadata Info: Displays information and statistics about the current query and the data source.
  • Performance Dialog: Displays benchmark information about the performance of the current query.