Custom Selections

When adding a hierarchy to the smart discovery, you have the option to make a custom selection; this allows users to select only specified items (called elements) from within the hierarchy, rather than adding all of the elements in the hierarchy. For example, when adding the Manufacturer hierarchy, you may be interested in only 4 of the hierarchy's 11 elements; in this case, you can select those elements only.

Make a Custom Selection

Step 1

To make a custom selection, start by finding the required hierarchy within its dimension.

Step 2

Click the hierarchy's arrow to open its sub-menu; from the sub-menu, click the Custom button to open the Custom Selections menu.

Step 3

Select the checkboxes of the elements you want to add to your discovery. In this example, four elements were selected from the Manufacturer hierarchy: Acme, Old Balance, Ribuck, and Slicenger.

Once you've made your selections, click OK.

The custom selections will be added to the discovery: