The values in the data model are accessed via the Data Selection Panel; here, the Values tab exposes the measures in the data model, organized into logical folders. These measures represent the quantitative data in the data model.

Add Values to the Discovery

To build a smart discovery, you must start by adding at least one measure from the Values tab; when first accessing the Data Selection Panel, only the Values tab is enabled. Open the folders in the Values tab to find the required measure; click the measure to add it to the discovery.

Once you select the first measure, the Dimensions and Filter tabs are also enabled. You can then continue adding more measures, along with hierarchies and filters, as required.

In this example, three measures (Net Profit, Cost, and Sales) were added to create a bubble chart, with Net Profit on the x-axis, Cost on the y-axis, and Sales on the z-axis driving the size of each bubble.