Working with Dates

When working with date/ time hierarchies, Pyramid automatically exposes a number of date-time groupings and calculations (like Full Month, or Year to Date). from the sub-menu. These groupings can then be added to the visualization.

In some cases, you may see a folder labeled "Time Intelligence". This indicates that somebody created the current model within Pyramid, and constructed various date-time groupings that you can add to visuals.

However, sometimes you may not see such a folder. This could be because you are connecting directly to your datasource, which may not have date-time groupings. In this case, Pyramid constructs the groupings for you, on the fly.

Date/ Time Calculations

Date/ time calculations are used to create complex date/ time formulations (like Year to Date, Month on Month, or Full Week) that can then be added to the visual as a hierarchy selection or as a filter selection.

Date Parts

When querying an SQL datasource, you will also see a number of Date Part calculations exposed from the dateKey hierarchy. The date part functions extract classic date/ time groupings (like months, weeks, and years) from the dateKey hierarchy can add them to the visual. Like date/ time calculations, date parts can be

added as a hierarchy selection, or as a filter selection.