Manage Smart Discoveries

Smart discoveries can be managed easily using just a few tools. From Smart Discover, you can reset your discovery, open your query in Discover Pro, or save your discovery directly from Smart Discover.

Once saved, you can easily access and edit your discovery.

Query Reset

Click the reset button (blue arrow above) to reset the query. This action will remove all items from the query.

Close Smart Discover

Click the 'x' (yellow arrow) to exit the Smart Discover tool and open the data model and current query in Discover, or go back to the current presentation or publication.

Finish and Save

Click the green 'Finish' button (green arrow) to save your smart discovery; once saved, it will automatically be opened in Discover Pro.

Open and Edit Discoveries

Once you've saved your smart discovery, it can be opened and edited in the same way as discoveries constructed in Discover Pro. Click here to learn more.