Design Panel

The design panel exposes some key functions that allow you to edit the design of your smart discovery. From here you can add data labels to charts, show totals in grids, change the color scheme of the discovery, and change the position of legends, filters, and slicers.

Data Labels

The Data Labels button appears when working with charts; toggle the button to show or hide data labels in the visualization. The data labels display the value for each segment of the chart, according to the measure you added to the visualization.


The Totals button is enabled when working with grids; toggle the button to show or hide totals.


Use the design themes menu to change the color scheme of the smart discovery.


Use the layout menu to change the position of the discovery’s slicers, legends, filters, and sorting. These may be positioned on the right or left of the canvas, or along the top or bottom of the canvas.

Here the legend and slicer were placed along the top of the canvas: