Common Formulate Workspace

This section covers the various features that are common to multiple Formulate modules:

  • Formulate Panels: an overview of the panels that appear in the Formulate work spaces.
  • Properties Panels: learn how to navigate the Properties Panels to inject hierarchies, elements, and measure into custom business logic.
  • Script Editor: a specialized text editor to build your logic manually with script directly
  • Quick Discovery: immediately open saved custom business logic in a new data discovery.
  • Quick Logic: a convenient method to launch another Formulate designer wizard using the same data source
  • Functional Selection: these built-in reference functions enable users to define a function for selecting the appropriate element without to choosing a specific, hard coded value.
  • Internal Parameters: a mechanism to see and edit internal parameters that may be deployed inside any logic item
  • AI generated Formulas: a means to build formulas using ChatGPT based questions and requests