Formulate Workspace

This section covers the various features that are common to multiple Formulate modules:

Formulate Panels: an overview of the panels that appear in the Formulate work spaces.

Properties Panels: learn how to navigate the Properties Panels to inject hierarchies, elements, and measure into custom business logic.

Quick Discovery: immediately open saved custom business logic in a new data discovery.

Functional Selection: these built-in reference functions enable users to define a function for selecting the appropriate element without to choosing a specific, hard coded value.

Functions Libraries

The Formula, List, and KPI components feature function libraries to help users create there formulations.

Formulate logic is written in wither PQL or MDX, depending on your datasource: formulations built on MS OLAP, Tabular, and SAP BW data models are written in MDX; formulations built on other data models are written in PQL. See the links below for details on the available functions.

List Actions: documents the functions library available from the Custom List Designer.

Tool Panel: documents the functions library available from both the Custom Member and Custom KPI designers.

PQL Documentation: review the PQL documentation to learn how to write expressions in PQL.

MDX: review a summary of MDX functions available in Pyramid when working with MS OLAP, MS Tabular, and SAP BW data models.