Walkthrough: Create New Attribute

In this example a new Custom Column, [Full Name], will be created based on two existing Model Attributes, [First Name] and [Last Name] separated by a space.

The list of Custom Column PQL functions include CONCAT(<string1>,<string2>). this is useful for joining two strings together, but in this case we need to join three. When concatenating multiple strings together it is possible the use the "+" operator.

Open the Custom Column editor through Formulate and choose the Model required.

Step 1

Drag a Model Attribute block onto the canvas:

Step 2

From the Model Attributes Properties Panel, choose the Attribute required by clicking on it. This will populate the block with the attribute details. In this case open the Customer dimension Table and click on [First Name]

Step 3

In the canvas type the plus sign, double quote - space - double quote, plus sign

Step 4

Drag in another attribute block and set it to [Last Name] from the Attribute Properties Panel

Step 5

Click on the Pyramid icon top left to preview the results

Step 6

Set the values in the Settings Panel to reflect the requirements of the new attribute:

Step 7

Click on the Save icon to save into the target folder with the chosen name, [Full Name]

Step 8

Click on "Quick Discover" in the Ribbon to see the new Custom Column in a discover view. The new attribute will appear in the Custom Dimension table as defined in its Properties