Custom Column Settings

The custom column settings define the save context of the custom column (i.e., in which table the resulting virtual column should appear) and a number of other properties of the custom column:

  • Parent Dimension: in which table of the underlying database should the virtual column appear.
  • Hide Attribute: a check box to optionally hide the new virtual column. Often used when defining a new measure. See Creating Measures for more details.
  • Display Folder: defines how the custom column appears in the Discover Dimensions elements panel. It will default to "Custom\<your username>" appearing in the Dimension panel as the folder "Custom" with sub-folder "<your username>", then the custom column name. Edit this value to reflect how you want the custom column to appear in the Discover Dimension panel.
  • Sort By Column: sets default sorting of the values (Members) in the calculated custom column. See Column Configuration for more details.
  • Category Type: sets the category of the attribute, such as Date (Years, Months, Weeks etc.), Geographic (Latitude / Longitude, Country, State, etc.). See Column Configuration for more details.
  • Click here for a walkthrough of creating a new Custom Column Attribute.