Custom Visual Ribbon

Run Button: click the Pyramid run button to test your custom visual.

Refresh Metadata: refresh the data model metadata, including dimensions, elements, and business logic.

Marketplace: download a custom visual from the Marketplace.

Query Reset: remove all selections and reset the query.

Auto Run:enable Auto Run to automatically run the query when chips are selected/ added to the drop zones.

Pivot: switch the columns with rows, or reverse the x and y axes.

Formatting: use the font size icons to enlarge or shrink the font size. Use the font color icon to change the color of the title. Use the paint icon to change the canvas color.

Show Data Grid:split the canvas horizontally or vertically and show the raw results nest to the visualization you've built.

Report Title Color: change the color of the report title.

Report Background Color: change the color of the report background.

Design Themes: select a design template form the Design panel.

Reset Formatting: undo all selected formatting options.