Formula Ribbon

  • Run Button: as in other modules, click the Pyramid run button to test your formulations.
  • Script Mode: Click to switch to script mode and build you formula or list using PQL in the Custom Member IDE or the Custom List IDE.
  • Clear All: clear everything from the canvas.
  • Reset zoom to default: reset to the default zoom.
  • Clipboard tools: use the clipboard tools to cut, copy, paste, and delete. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for these functions.
  • Marketplace: select a formula from the Marketplace drop down.
  • Refresh Metadata: refresh the data model metadata, including dimensions, elements, and business logic.
  • Quick Discovery: click to open the formulation in Discover. Click here for more information.
  • Quick Logic: open build a formula, list, KPI, parameter or custom column in a new tab.