Returns a list of elements from a first given list that are also found in the second given list.

Syntax & Usage

  1. Add the Intersect block to the canvas
  2. Set the required number of branches
  3. Drop the required functions onto the branches
Intersect([List A], [List B])
  • List A represents an initial listing of elements from a hierarchy.
  • List B represents a secondary listing of elements from the same hierarchy


In this example, the first set given is a list of all countries except United States. The second is a range list starting from Canada and ending with United States.

The set produced lists the four countries that were selected in both sets: Canada, France, Germany and United Kingdom:

{Intersect({except({AllMembers([customers].[Country])},{[customers].[Country].[United States]})},Range([customers].[Country].[Canada],[customers].[Country].[United States]))}