Example: Dynamic List Parameter


Start by opening the Model Parameter module, and select a data model to work on.

STEP 2. Type

Under Type, select Text, to produce a parameter slicer that will display a list of elements.

STEP 3. Members

From the Select Hierarchies window, open the dimension where your required member hierarchy is located. Click the relevant hierarchy to select it - its elements will appear in the Select Elements window. Select the elements that you want to include in your parameter. If required, you can use the list builder to import and auto-select a list of elements (red arrow below).

You can also select other parameters that have been built using the selected hierarchy. If the Fx button appears, this indicates existing parameters (green arrow). Click the Fx button and find the required parameter in the folder tree.

Note: To create a Measure Parameter, open Measure from the Select Hierarchy panel, and then select the required measures from the Select Elements panel.

STEP 4: Selection Mode

Multi Select: allows the selection of multiple elements simultaneously from the parameter slicer

Single Select: allows the selection of one element at a time from the parameter slicer

STEP 5. Default Value

Select the default value (where the value will appear within the visual when the parameter is injected into a query) for the selected set of elements.

STEP 6. Visualization

Select the visualization type for your parameter slicer. You can choose between a drop down list and a list box. The drop down box is useful if your parameter is based on a large set of elements. Save your parameter.

STEP 7. Open in Discover

To inject your parameter into a new discovery right away, click Quick Discovery button in the ribbon.

Note: the Quick Discover button will only be enabled after saving your parameter.

To access your parameter later in Discover:

  • In the Dimensions panel, find the hierarchy that your parameter was based on. Right click on the hierarchy and click View Elements (red highlight below)
  • At the top of the Elements panel, click the Fx button (green highlight)
  • Find and select the parameter from the folder tree (blue highlight)

Your parameter will be added to the query as a dynamic slicer. Add any other required hierarchies or elements, and measures to the visual.