Illustrate Ribbons

The Illustrate app contains three core ribbons:


Displays the most frequently used functions

  • Execute Button: The Run Illustration button is used to launch and test the illustration using default values from the underlying queries.
  • Clipboard tools: use the clipboard tools to cut, copy, paste, and delete.
  • Set Tooltip: use this to configure dynamic tooltips for the selected item in the illustration.
  • Canvas Width and Height: use this controls to set the canvas size in pixels.
  • Canvas Color: the color of the background canvas
  • Reset Formatting: Clears any customizations of the theme formats in the illustration
  • Design Themes: pick from an existing theme to set color palettes, fonts and other settings
  • Display: Change the display size.
  • Ruler: show or hide the ruler for the canvas to judge sizes and position
  • Guides: set and show guide lines (both vertical and horizontal)
  • Grid: toggle the layout grid guide on or off.
  • Snap to Grid: Enable Snap to Grid to easily place visuals along the grid lines.
  • Order: Change the stacking order of the selected item, as layered on the canvas.
  • Alignment: Tools for vertically or horizontally align a collection of items
  • Distribute: Tools for vertically or horizontally spacing a collection of items; select a minimum of 3 items and then distribute horizontally or vertically as needed.

Text Component

Contains additional formatting options

  • Clipboard tools- Copy, paste, and cut dynamic text.
  • Dynamic Text- Click to open the Dynamic Text wizard to configure dynamic text from within your presentation. Open the Dynamic Text drop-down to add a Dynamic Place Holder.
  • Font-Change font type, size, color, emphasis, shadow, strike through, spacing, letter case, background color, text box border color, textbox border width, and text background color.
  • Graphic Text - Click the drop down to change the size of text.
  • Paragraph - Change paragraph formatting.
  • Highlights - Toggle to enable or disable highlighting of dynamic text.
  • Styles- Select from different heading styles.
  • Text Fields - Allows you to add dynamic text with slide numbers, slide names, dates, and more. Click the drop down and select a text field.

Graphic Component

  • Rotate Image - for a menu approach to rotating the graphic.