Managing Direct Models

Management of direct models typically involves managing saving and sharing permissions, opening and editing the model, and reprocessing the model

Save Direct Models

Direct models are automatically saved to your personal content folder when they are produced. You can open the model file in the full Model Pro app in order to set security permissions to the materialized model and database, and to save the model file to a different directory and share it with other user roles.

  • Click here to learn more about saving direct models.

Open and Edit Direct Models

Direct Model files are stored in the content manager, where they can be shared with others and opened for editing and reprocessing.

When editing a direct model, you can make changes to the semantic model and to the security permissions. To edit an existing data model you must access its definition file, which will be opened in the Model Pro module.

  • Click here to learn about opening and editing direct models.

Rerun Direct Models

If you make changes to the semantic model (like editing measures, or renaming a table) or to the security permissions, you'll need to reprocess the model for these changes to be reflected in the materialized model.

  • Click here to learn more about reprocessing direct models.