New Lite Model

MBuilding a new lite model involves working through the Model Lite wizard. The wizard takes you through 6 steps; from the point-and-click interface you can quickly and easily build a new data model within a few minutes.

To begin building a new lite model, launch the Model app and click the Model Lite widget (green highlight below).

Model Lite Wizard

  • Target: select the target, or destination, where your new data model will be stored. At this step, you'll select the server or data system onto which the new model will be loaded and stored.
  • Data: this stage requires you to connect to a datasource. You can connect to multiple datasources in order to create data mashups, creating a new data model that brings together datasets from different sources.
  • Tables: here you must select which tables to copy from your datasource(s). The selected tables will then be represented in a data flow diagram, where you can make changes to the relationships between the tables, and edit the table metadata.
  • Columns: here you can edit the column metadata.
  • Hierarchies: build multi-level hierarchies to enable drill functionality when querying the data model.
  • Finish and Build: set data model security before processing the model.

Model Lite Heuristics

Pyramid uses heuristics in order to build models in the most efficient way. Heuristics are used to determine the relationships between the tables in the model, column metadata and visibility, hide key columns and identify measures, and to organize measures and hierarchies into logical folders.

There may be times when you want to make changes to parts of the model that were determined by heuristic algorithms; Pyramid provides the flexibility to make these changes easily during the model-building process.

  • Click here to learn about Model Lite heuristics.