Rerun Lite Models

It's important to re-process your lite model to ensure that the data in the materialized model is up to date. Depending on your datasource type, you can set up a processing schedule to rerun the model on a regular basis. The model can be rerun or scheduled from within the definition file, or from the content manager.

Reprocess from the Definition File

To reprocess the model from the definition file, find the file in the content explorer (by default, it's saved to your My Content folder). Click the file to open it in Model Pro.

Manual Reprocessing

To manually reprocess the model, click the execute button in the top left corner of the interface (green arrow below).

The Processing Options dialog will open after clicking the Execute button:

  • Reporting Action: select this open to open the data model in the given reporting tool immediately once the model has been processed. If you don't want any reporting tool to open automatically, select None.
  • Override Security: override metadata security set from the Admin console or the Materialized Data Manager. Disable if metadata security should not be affected by processing the data model. Click here to learn more.
  • Process Models Only: save and process the data model only, without processing the database.
  • Auto Sync Models: ensures synchronization of the columns in the Data Model with the columns in the Data Flow; this is important in case changes were made from the data flow.

After setting the processing options, click the 'Master Flow' button on the left to process the model. The model will begin reprocessing, and you can view its progress in both the Progress panel and in the Job Spooler.

Scheduled Reprocessing

Create a processing schedule by clicking the 'Schedule' button from the ribbon to open the scheduler.

Job Details

Name the scheduling job and add a description, then select which part of the ETL should be reprocessed (either the master flow, or only the model).


Configure the schedule. You can create a one-off schedule, or a recurring schedule.

Once you've defined the schedule, click the 'Save & Run' button (green highlight below), and then be sure to save the model file.

  • Click here for more step-by-step instructions for building and editing model schedules.

Reprocess from the Content Manager

You can reprocess the model directly from the content manager, without opening the definition file. To do this, find the file and open its Actions panel, then click the Scheduling icon. Click the New Schedule icon to define a schedule for the model.

Using the schedule, you can reprocess the model on a one-off basis (either immediately or at a later date or time), or on a recurring basis.

Finish by clicking the 'Save & Run' button (green highlight above) to commit the schedule.

  • Click here for documentation on scheduling from the content manager.