Add Date Unit

The Add Date Unit node is used for date manipulation to add or subtract a specified date part from an existing date-time column, with the results returned as a new column. For instance, a university may have a list of enrollment dates; they could add 4 years to the date-time column to see graduation dates. The date parts supported are year, quarter, month, week, and day.

Add or Subtract Date Values

Start by connecting the Add Date Unit node to a table containing a date-time column, or to an Add Date/ Time node. Go to the Properties panel to configure the node:

Select Column: choose the date-time column to which you want to add or subtract values.

Add: select the date part to be added or subtracted.

Value: enter the number of time periods to add or subtract. To select past time periods, use negative numbers; for example, to select a period of 10 years ago, select Year, and a value of -10.

Column Output: decide whether or not to keep the original column.

New Column Name: name the new column.