The Trim node is used to remove white space (the space character) from the start, end, or both sides of text in a text (string) column. This is useful if the column contains spaces that shouldn't appear in the new data model.

After applying the Trim function, any spaces that appear at the start, end, or bot h sides of the string will be removed from the specified column(s).

Trim a String

Connect the Trim node to the Select tables of the relevant table. Go to the Properties panel and set the preferences:

Select Column: select the column(s) from which you want to remove spaces. You may select multiple columns if required.

Trim Method: trim the space from the start of the string, the end of the string, or both the start and end. Only one method may be selected. Any spaces in the selected columns will be removed, as long as they match the selected trim method.

Column Output: determine whether or not to keep the original column.

New Column Name: name the new column.

The Trim node output will be the given table, and the new trimmed column(s).