Model Transfer Cleanup

There may be times when the datasource structure is changed, like if column or table names are changed. In this scenario, some connections and nodes will need to be updated. If a table name has been changed in the source, that table's node will appear with a red border. If there are links where columns need to be redefined, these will also appear in red.

Column Mapping

If column names in the source have been changed, you will need to create a column mapping, to match the source column with the destination column.

Open Column Mapping

Column mapping can be opened in a few ways. If the link is displayed red, simply click on it to open the column mapping panel. Otherwise, right click on the link and click Show Column Mapping.

Alternatively, you may Validate the flow from the ribbon:

If there are broken links between the nodes, click on the relevant error to open the column mapping panel:

Set Column Mapping

The source column is the column as named in the current data source, while the destination column is the column as named in the current target node. This is how the column was previously named in the data source, and how it was named when the source was previously loaded into the destination. The panel is split into 3: Source, Mapped Columns, and Destination.


Lists any columns in the current data source that don't have an exact match in the destination.

Mapped Columns

Lists source columns paired with their matching destination columns.


Lists any columns int he destination node that don't have an exact match in the current data source.

Delete Unmapped Columns

Choose this option to delete the unmapped destination column(s); the corresponding source column(s) will not be deleted. However, the column will automatically be deselection from the column selection:

How to Map Columns

Any matching columns will be listed in the Mapped Columns panel; Pyramid automatically maps these matching columns. If there are unmatched columns, you'll need to map them.

Map and unmap columns using the buttons in the Mapped Columns window:

  • UnMap All: (green highlight above) un-map all columns.
  • Map: (yellow highlight above) Pyramid will use heuristics to auto-map any unmapped columns.
  • Add: (blue highlight above) manually map columns. Clicking Add will create a new row in the listing; from the new row, you'll need to select the columns to map.

Other Nodes

Often, your data flow will include a number of manipulations, like joins, operations, preparation, or machine learning nodes. These nodes are connected to the source table nodes.

If a column mapping is needed for a source table, the subsequent nodes will not be affected. They will retain the settings already applied to them, including the original column names.


If the table name was changed, click the table node, then select the new table name from the table selection in the Properties panel: