SAP HANA Datasource

SAP HANA can be used:

  • As a datasource in the ETL for data mash ups
  • As a 'pass-through' data source, where queries are run directly against the datasource using schemas and models built in Pyramid
  • As a 'pass-through' datasource, connecting to existing HANA views and use them as data models - see Querying SAP HANA for details

SAP HANA in Data Modeling

Once SAP HANA has been configured as a data source in the Admin Console, it can be used to build data preparation flows in Model.

When selecting HANA content, the table tree is presented in a tree interface to better represent the various schemas and data content types available in HANA.

Note: Parameterized System Views are not currently supported.


The different items are denoted by the following icons:

  • Sheet icons for Attribute Views: import data from preexisting attribute views designed in HANA
  • Calculator icons for Calculated Views: import data from preexisting calculated views designed in HANA
  • Tables icon for database tables: select tables from the database to import the raw data into a mash-up

Hana Direct Query

If the Pass-through switch is applied, the resulting model will simply query the HANA objects directly.

Note: Hierarchies defined in a Hana view will load a 'regular' drill down hierarchies unless specified otherwise when setting up the Hana connector in the administrative console.