Google Analytics (GA4)

To configure the Google Analytics source, start by selecting the required server from the server drop-down list (green). If the required source doesn't appear in the list, you can add it if you are an Admin user (yellow).

Next, define the remaining properties:

  • Account: Choose the Google Analytics account that you want to connect to.
  • Web Properties: Choose the required web properties of the given account.
  • Add Table: Click Add Table (blue) to convert the data into a table and add it to the data flow.

Once you've clicked Add Table, the Google Analytics table is copied to the data flow via a Table node connected to the source node:

Table Configuration

Click on the Google Analytics table node to set the start and end dates and the dimensions and metrics to be included. The start and end dates can be static date values or variables.

Tip: You can search the dimensions and metrics from the search bar. You can also expand a dimension to view and select any required metrics. If you change your selected dimensions or metrics, click Update Selected to apply your changes: