General Nodes

Data Flow

Add a data flow to the master flow by adding the data flow node and then progressing to the Data Flow Tab with that node selected.

Alternatively, if you’ve already started building a data flow and then open the Master Flow, the existing data flow will automatically be added to the master flow.

You can add multiple data flows to the master flow; ensure that you’ve selected the correct data flow before opening the Data Flow tab.

Sql Script

Write an Sql expression to directly query a database.

You can load the result set into variables, and then use those variable at another stage in the flow. You may connect the Sql node to a larger master flow, or you choose to have the flow consist only of the Sql node.

Data Model

The data model node must be connected to a valid, existing data flow. Within a flow, you may reference multiple data models; in this case, at least one valid data flow must precede the data model nodes.

Set Variable

Use the Set Variable node to link a variable to the flow. Pyramid automatically creates the IsPreview variable; to configure more variables, click the Variables button from the ribbon.

To configure the Set Variable node, select the required variable from the Properties panel, and then open the Expression Editor to create a PQL expression based on the variable.

Rest API

To call a REST API, set the method from the Properties panel. Next, either paste the required REST API URL, or check the Expression option to create an expression in the Expression Editor.

use this node to call an API. Add the node and name it. Next, select the API method from the drop-down list. Then paste the REST API URL or write an expression in the Expression Editor.

HTTP Request Fields

You can add HTTP request fields. For instance, if you want to call an API that requires authorization, add Authorization to the request fields. Or if you want to return only json content, select Content-Type and then write 'json' in the Expression field. Configure complex expressions using variables by opening the Expression Editor.

Set Variable Values

Reference a variable to have the API return a value to the variable; you may opt to have the HTTP status code returned, and/ or the content. The values will be returned in the Current Value column of the given variable in the Variables panel, as pictured below.

Pyramid Event

Configure a Pyramid event to schedule and distribute a publication, or schedule and execute a master flow or data model. With the Pyramid Event node selected, find and select the required publication or model from the content tree in the Properties panel. Choose the required schedule, or create a new schedule. When this node is executed in the master flow, the schedule will run.