For Loop

Initialization: choose the required variable and set the initialization value by entering an integer or writing an expression.

Condition: write a condition that, when met, will cause the loop to stop running.

Increment: set the increment by which to iterate though the variable.

In the example below, the loop will iterate through each row of the Index variable, starting from 0. When the index value is no longer smaller than 5, the loop will stop running.

For Each Loop

The For Each Loop iterates through each row in the given list variable. The current value of the list variable is loaded into the loop variable before the loop is run.

To create a list variable, ensure that the List option is checked.

In the example below, an SQL script is used to load a set of 3 Australian cities into the list variable "CityList".

The loop will run 3 times, each time loading the current list variable into the loop variable before running.

The REST API node is then used to get the population of the current city, which will then be loaded into the CityPopulation variable.

While Loop

Write an expression and have the loop run continuously as long as the given condition is met. Once the condition is not met, the loop will stop running,