Edit a Data Model

This topic covers the process of editing a data model. Click here to learn how to schedule a data model.

To edit a data model, go to the content explorer and open the data model's model definition file in the Advanced Data Flow. Once open, you can edit the data flow, data model, and security preferences as required. Save changes and click the Pyramid execute button from the top left-hand corner to process the data model from the Processing Options dialog.

All data models can be edited in this way, regardless of the modeling component in which they were built. When editing models built using the quick modeling tools (Start from File or Add Existing Database) or the Step by Step wizard, the model can be edited immediately after it's processed and opened in Discover; simply go back to the Model tab, and the data model will be opened in the Advanced Data Flow, where edits can be made and complex data preparation can be performed. To edit the data model later on, open it from the content explorer.

To learn more, review data model security, and how to process a data model.