Format Multiple Items

Select multiple items to apply formatting changes from the Component ribbon. This way, you can apply identical formatting changes to multiple content items simultaneously, rather than one-by-one.

The size and rotation can be set simultaneously for multi-selections of any content type. The remaining format types can only be applied to multi-selections of a single content item type.

For instance, size and position can be set for a selection including discoveries, slicers, shapes, and textboxes (as in the image above). But text formatting (changes to font type, font size, header style, etc) can only be applied to a selection that includes textboxes only (as in the image below).

Size and Position

Set the size and position for multiple content items of any type. Select all relevant content items and resize by using the mouse to drag the container of any of the selected items.

Alternatively, input the width and height from Component ribbon. You can also set the X and Y positions for the


Change the rotation via the Rotate drop-down menu, or define the rotation in the Rotate field. This is supported images, shapes, infographics, and dynamic web panels.

The Rotation field is also exposed for multi-selections of textboxes.

Stroke and Fill

Set the stroke width and color, and the fill color for multi-selections of shapes.


Change the background color for multi-selections of slicers.


Set font, paragraph, and header styes for multi-selections of text boxes, including static text, dynamic text, graphic text, and dynamic text fields.

Layout Container Panels and Settings

For multi-selections of matrix table or mini-tab layout containers, set the Panel settings and Table and Mini-Tab settings respectively.

Panel Background

Set the background color for multi-selections of scrollable panel containers.