Slides and Sections

Add Slides

To add slides to the presentation, right click in the Preview panel. Here users can right click on an existing slide to:

  • Add a slide
  • Rename the slide
  • Duplicate the slide
  • Copy the slide
  • Paste a slide
  • Delete the slide
  • Add a section

Right click on the panel background to:

  • Add a slide
  • Paste a slide
  • Add a section

Add Sections

  • You can divide your presentation slides into multiple sections, which can be minimized and maximized in the Preview panel view.
  • You can name a section as required, and sections are listed in the Table of Contents text field.
  • To add a section, right click on the Preview panel background and select Add Section.
  • Any existing slides will be placed in a new 'Default Section' preceding the new section that you've added.
  • Any subsequent slides will be added to the current section; to add a slide to a previous section, right click on the relevant section header.
  • To add an existing slide (and the slides following it) to a section, right click on the slide and select Add Section.
  • Toggle the section header to collapse or expand the section.
  • Right click on the section header to rename the section, delete it, or add a slide to it.
  • Right click anywhere in the Preview panel to expand or collapse all sections