Slides and Sections

Add Slides

New slides can be added from the Present ribbon, and from the Slides panel.

To add a slide from the Present ribbon, click the New button (green highlight below); the new slide will be added to the end of the slide sequence. You can rearrange the slide order by dragging and dropping slides in the required order.

To add slides from the Preview panel, right click on the panel's background or on a slide. When right clicking on an existing slide in the panel, the following options are opened:

  • Add a slide (the new slide is added immediately after the currently selected slide, meaning you can insert a new slide anywhere in the slide sequence).
  • Rename the slide
  • Duplicate the slide
  • Copy the slide
  • Paste a slide
  • Delete the slide
  • Add a section

Right click on the panel background to:

  • Add a slide to the end of the slide sequence
  • Paste a slide
  • Add a section

Add Sections

  • You can divide your presentation slides into multiple sections, which can be minimized and maximized in the Preview panel view.
  • You can name a section as required, and sections are listed in the Table of Contents text field.
  • To add a section, right click on the Preview panel background and select Add Section.
  • Any existing slides will be placed in a new 'Default Section' preceding the new section that you've added.
  • Any subsequent slides will be added to the current section; to add a slide to a previous section, right click on the relevant section header.
  • To add an existing slide (and the slides following it) to a section, right click on the slide and select Add Section.
  • Toggle the section header to collapse or expand the section.
  • Right click on the section header to rename the section, delete it, or add a slide to it.
  • Right click anywhere in the Preview panel to expand or collapse all sections