Delete Slicers

There are several different ways to delete slicers from your presentation. Once you delete your slicer, you will be asked to confirm your selection via the Delete Slicer(s) dialog.

Methods for Deleting Slicers

Slicers can be deleted via the slicer's context menu, from the Presentation ribbon, from the Slicers panel, or from the Interaction Manager. The method used for deleting slicers depends on your personal preference.

Context Menu

Right click on the slicer to open its context menu; click Delete:

Presentation Ribbon

Select the relevant slicer and then click Delete from the Presentation ribbon:

Slicers Panel

Find the slicer in the Slicers panel, right click on it, and click Delete Slicer:

Interaction Manager

Right click on the relevant slicer from the Interaction Manager and click Delete Slicer:

Delete Slicer(s) Dialog

After you click delete, the Delete Slicer(s) dialog will appear, notifying you that all instances of the specified slicer will be removed from the presentation. Click OK to confirm your selection.

Duplicate and Multi-Instance Slicers

You may have multiple copies of the same slicer over different slides of your presentation. There are 2 ways to add multiple versions of a slicer: you can duplicate an existing slicer, or you can create a new instance of an existing slicer. Duplicate slicers connected to each other, while separate instances are not.

If you delete a duplicate slicer, all connected duplicate slicers will also be deleted. If you delete a slicer which has multiple instances, only the specified slicer will be deleted; other instances will not be affected.