Detach Slicer

This function is used to remove slicer interactions on other slides. If you are using the same slicer over multiple slides, and you want to remove the slicer interactions on slides other than the one you're currently on, you can do so quickly using this function. This way, you don't need to go to each separate slide and manually remove the interactions.

  • Click here to learn about adding duplicate slicers to a presentation.

How to Detach Slicers

To detach a slicer from multiple slides, find the instance of the slicer that you want to preserve. Right click on it and choose Detach Slicer from the context menu:

You will be presented with the Detach Slicers dialog:

Detach Slicer Interactions

Click this option to detach slicer interactions for the given slicer wherever it appears on any slide in the presentation, other than the current slide.

Detach Slicer Interactions and Hide

Choose this option to both detach the slicer from the other slides, and move it to the Hidden Slicers panel, so that it won't be displayed on slides where it does not have any interactions.


Choose this option to cancel the operation and retain slicer interactions for the slicer.