Measure Slicers

Measure parameters can be built both in the Model Parameter component of the Formulate module, and on the fly in Discover. They can then be added to queries as slicers, enabling users to inject a measure into the query at runtime.

These measure slicers can also be used in Present, to inject measures into the query during presentation runtime.

  • When using a measure parameter as a slicer, only one slice (measure) can be injected into the query - it is not possible to inject multiple values
  • It is only possible to create an interaction from the measure slicer to the query if the query contains that measure parameter
  • If the query contains multiple measure parameters, the query dialog will open to allow the user to select a destination parameter
  • It is not possible to create an interaction from a visual to a measure parameter

Place the query containing the parameter, along with it's parameter slicer, on the canvas:


Create an interaction from the slicer to the query:


When the presentation is launched in runtime, use the slicer to inject the measure into the query:


Only one measure value can be selected from the slicer at any one time: