Range Slicers in Present

Learn how to add parameterized range slicers - such as date range slicers - to a presentation.

Important: the parameterized range slicers will only interact correctly with the visual if there were saved in the same data discovery as the visual. To connect the parameterized range slicers to multiple visuals in Present, you must save the custom list with the required visuals in data discovery.

Start by adding an interaction from each slicer to the visualization.

Range slicers contain the same hierarchy of elements, so it is necessary to configure parameter interactions. Therefore, when each range slicer is connected to the visual, the Interaction Manager will open automatically. Under Parameter Settings, select the parameter for the given slicer (red highlight below). Repeat this for the second range slice.

When you view the presentation in runtime, the range will be dynamically injected into the visual according to the values chosen in the slicers.