Adding Text

There are a few ways to add text to your presentations; you can add dynamic text, dynamic place holders, and text fields, or add free text by adding a text box to the canvas. This article covers adding text within a text box. There are two kinds of text that can be added in this way: static text and graphic text.

A static text box is used to add static text to the canvas; this text, unlike dynamic text, appear the same in edit mode as in runtime. Its size is set static and is set via the font options in Component ribbon. Static text is useful for adding titles, subtitles, and notes. Unlike static text, graphic text is shrunk or enlarged as its textbox is re-sized.

Add a Text Box

Add a static text box by clicking the text box icon (green highlight below) from the canvas menu. Alternatively, right click to open the text box menu where you can select a static text box or a graphic text box.

After you select the text box, the canvas will be highlighted in blue; left click on the location where the text box should be added.

Resize and position the textbox as needed. Right click on the textbox to open its context menu. You can open it in Illustrate or save it to the CMS.

Click on your text box to enable text functions from the Component ribbon; in this example, the font options (green highlight below) were used to add a background color, increase the border width, and change the border color. A header was also applied from the Styles options (red highlight). You can also add dynamic text, dynamic place holders, and text fields from the Component ribbon.

Graphic Text

Graphic text is shrunk and increased in size according to the size of the textbox in which it resides. When the textbox is re-sized, the text contained within it is re-sized accordingly. Graphic Text is denoted by a green textbox.

In the example below, both textboxes are the same size, but the Graphic Text size in increased according to the size of the textbox, while the regular text size is not.

To add graphic text, right click on the textbox icon in the canvas menu, and select the graphic text icon.

To convert a regular textboxes to graphic text, select the textbox, go to the Component ribbon, and select Graphic Text. Open the Graphic Text drop down menu to change the size of the textbox, or use the cursor resize it.