Jump to Slide

Jump to a given slide within the presentation. When the presentation is launched in runtime, click the jump button to jump to the relevant slide.

Jump to Slide Types


Choose "Simple" to configure the jump action based on a specified slide number or name, or to jump to the next or previous slide. The latter option lets you easily set up your own slide navigation.

Select Slide Method

  • Slide Number: jump to a given slide number.
  • Slide Name: jump to a given slide name.
  • Next Slide: jump to the next slide in the sequence.
  • Previous Slide: jump to the previous slide in the sequence.


Build formulas using the action PQL functions available in the drop down menu, or a range of common functions.

Inject to Target

Click Inject to Target to inject a selected data element data into the target.

  • Click here to learn about targets.