Slicer Formats

Slicers are used to filter queries using hierarchy elements from the data model. Using the Formatting panel and the formatting selection tool, set styling preferences for the slicers to customize the slicer colors, title position, and title icon. This gives you the flexibility to apply your own styling, or make styling changes in accordance with your organization's branding.

  • Click here to learn about the Formatting panel.


Access Slicer Formatting

As usual, slicers are formatted from the Formatting panel. There are 2 ways to expose formatting options for slicers:

Slicer Formatting Panel

The slicer formatting options in the Formatting panel are exposed over 3 tabs: Slicer Title, Slicer Elements, and Slicer Borders.

  • Click here for a comprehensive review of the slicer formatting options.

Slicer Title

The Slicer Title tab allows you to apply formatting changes to the slicer's title, without affecting any other components of the slicer.


Slicer Elements

The Slicer Elements tab exposes options to apply formatting changes to the elements within the slicer.

Slicer Border

From the Slicer Border tab, adjust the color and width of the border.


Reset all formatting for the slicer and revert back to the default slicer formatting (green arrow below).