Access Present Lite

There are a few ways to access Present Lite depending on whether you want to create a new presentation or open an existing one. There are also shortcuts for both of these options if you already have a module open.

Launch a New Presentation

You can launch a new Lite Presentation from the home page, or by opening a new tab.

Home Page

If you want to launch a new presentation from the Pyramid homepage, simply click the Present icon from the module menu on the lower left hand side of the interface:

New Tab

If you want to launch a new presentation while you have a module open, click the New Tab button (designated by the + icon) and select Present from the module menu:

New Presentation

When you open Present Lite, you will be presented with the New Presentation page; select the required layout type:

Once you've chosen a layout type, the presentation editor will be opened and you can begin building your lite presentation:

Open a Saved Presentation

An existing saved presentation can be opened from the content explorer, the homepage, or via the quick open menu. When you open a saved presentation, it will be opened in runtime; you can edit it by opening it in edit mode.

Content Explorer

The content explorer can be opened from the homepage, the home menu, or from Present Lite via the Home menu or the App Tab menu.


If your homepage welcome screen is disabled, you can use the shortcuts in the 'Existing Content' panel to go to the content management system:

With welcome screen is disabled, you can also open recently opened content items and favorites directly from the from the homepage dashboard:

Quick Open

Open existing content items while working within a module using the Quick Open menu: