Cross-Filtering and Highlighting

Data visualizations (and other dynamic assets like dynamic text and dynamic illustrations) that share an interaction can be cross-filtered or cross-highlighted. This means that the target visual is filtered or highlighted by the selected hierarchy or element(s) in the driver visual.


By default, single-select cross-filtering and cross-highlighting is enabled; you can cross-filter or highlight simply by clicking on the relevant element in the visual.


Left click on the hierarchy or element in the driver visual that you want to use as a filter; all visuals that have an incoming interaction from the driver visual will be filtered by the selected element. The breadcrumb trail of each cross-filtered visual will display the element(s) by which it is currently cross-filtered.

If a target visual contains the element selected from the driver visual, cross-highlighting will be applied.


Cross-highlighting is used to highlight a hierarchy or member element in both the driver visual and the target visual(s), according to the selected element in the driver visual.

To cross-highlight, find the visual from which you want to apply cross-highlighting and left click on the data point that you want to highlight. Cross-highlighting will be applied to all visuals that have an incoming interaction from the selected driver visual, and contain an element that exists in the selected visualization.

If a target visual doesn't contain the selected hierarchy or element, the selection from the driver will be used to filter the target instead of highlighting it.

Context Menu Interact

If either of the lasso selections (red highlight below) are enabled, a single selection can be made by right clicking on the relevant element, then selecting Interact from the context menu.


Use the Lasso and Auto Lasso Selection tools to cross-filter by multiple elements.

Lasso Selection

Use the Lasso Selection tool (in the Panel) to select multiple elements from the driver. When the interaction is applied from the context menu, the target visual(s) will be filtered by all the selected elements in the driver.

Auto Lasso Selection

Use the Auto Lasso Selection tool to automatically cross filter by the multi-selection; as soon as the selection is made, the target visual(s) will be cross-filtered accordingly, with no need to apply the interaction from the context menu.

Undo Cross-Filtering and Highlighting

To deselect cross-filtering or cross-highlighting selections, simply click on one of the visualizations.